Your Complete Guide To A Managed Print Service

For most businesses, printing is an essential service, a managed printing service (MPS) is a service offered by an external company that will optimise or manage a company’s document output. The main components of managed printing services usually consist of:

  • All toner
  • All hardware
  • Parts and spares
  • A full support service
  • Delivery
  • Training

By investing in a managed print service provider, the stress of managing each individual printing device in your workplace is reduced and your company can reap the benefits of passing this responsibility on.

How do managed print services work?

Managed printing services usually work by organisations receiving reliable and flexible printing solutions that effectively improve workplace productivity whilst also reducing overall printing costs and increasing security measures.

The process usually involves an overall assessment of an organisation’s current print environment to be able to provide recommendations for optimal device management. Followed by optimisation by rationalising and consolidating print devices in order to create a MPS strategy. Once a managed print solution is put in place, it requires regular reviews and monitoring to make ongoing workflow improvements over time.

How will a managed print service save my business money?

By investing in a managed print services provider your organisation can save money on a vast selection of printing services. The process of managing and maintaining individual devices can be costly and time-consuming, which is why it’s a huge advantage to invest in a managed print solution. In having managed print, your organisation can save money by easily tracking printed pages, this will lead to reduced paper and ink consumption. As your organisation will be using less paper and ink, there will be a reduced amount ordered which has a huge cost-effective benefit.

With managed printing services there will be a reduction in paper and ink usage, and the requirement for so many printers within your organisation will also be reduced. However, this can be different depending on the size of your business. As your organisation is now in the safe hands of a managed print service provider, the time that would have been spent on the printing tasks will now be free time back in your pocket, saving you money on paying employees to print, rather than complete the work they were hired to do.

If you’re looking for a reliable managed print solution, then we can provide you with the perfect MPS strategy and service here at Majestec. If you want more information, then we have a blog all about the benefits of managed print services that will help guide you towards the right managed print solution for your company.

Benefits of Using a Managed Print Service

1. Improved employee productivity

As mentioned above, by investing in managed print your business is likely to see improved employee productivity. With a tailored MPS programme, each department may have a change of print format that allows them to print from mobile devices or off-site instead of being confined to the office. Another way of boosting productivity is through the reduced amount of hardware upgrades due to the reduced number of devices.

2. Reduce overall costs

When it comes to managed print solutions, it is clear that investing in managed print can be a cost-effective option. First and foremost, the most obvious saving is maintenance costs. A reduced number of devices across your organisation requires less maintenance and fewer supplies, which means savings and, in some instances, organisations can find savings of up to 20% to 30% on printing costs. Managed print services can deliver substantial savings, making them a valuable investment for businesses seeking to improve their bottom line.

3. Improved Employee Efficiency

Employee efficiency can be drastically enhanced through the use of managed print services, MPS enhances employee efficiency by streamlining document-related processes within an establishment. These services optimise print infrastructure, ensuring that employees have access to reliable and high-quality printing resources. With managed print, resources can be conserved and save employees the valuable time they would otherwise spend printing or troubleshooting print issues. Managed print solutions also offer document management which can enhance employee organisation. By simplifying and enhancing the print environment, managed print services provide employees with the chance to focus on their core tasks and responsibilities, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

4. Reduce Your Businesses Carbon Footprint

Managed print services can play a pivotal role in reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint through a variety of environmentally friendly practices. Firstly, these services optimise print fleets, ensuring that printers and copiers are energy-efficient and compliant with eco-friendly standards. By monitoring and controlling print activities, managed print services help identify areas of waste and inefficiency, enabling companies to make informed decisions on resource usage. Moreover, the digitisation and document management solutions often offered as part of these services reduce the need for physical document storage and transportation, further minimising the carbon emissions associated with traditional paper-based workflows.

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