And we’ve already covered a few topics related to lockdown now, but one thing many people have been overlooking is security.

We always consider protecting our homes and person possessions, but sometimes overlook the security of our businesses.

Security measures at business premises are not only there to protect you against break ins and vandalism, but they are also there to protect your workforce.

CCTV system are now a staple to any business and home. and technology in this field is soaring high. getting quality images and audio now mean that catching criminals and a successful prosecution is now easier than ever before.

CCTV’s toolkit is no longer only limited to catching unwanted behaviour. majestec can now supply and install system that will not only monitor CCTV cameras, but will also intelligently check people’s temperature when entering a building – which is now more prevalent than ever before. and it doesn’t stop there…. the same system can also monitor the flow of people in and out of a building – important for those who have certain restrictions regarding fire safety.

With many of us now working remotely again – it’s also great to know that users can monitor these intelligent systems from anywhere in the world with an internet connection from their mobile devices.

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