Paperless office & print management software

Paperless office & print management software

Realistically, we don’t believe that a paperless office is possible at the moment, and not in the near future either….But it is very possible to reduce your costs with help from print management software.

You may have heard of print management software before but never really understood what it has to offer – well let us help you….

By steering all your printing, scanning and photocopying through a managed print solution such as papercut, you will save money in areas like cost of wasted paper, toner and ink cartridges, business time and even on the electricity bill.

So how does the software achieve this?  well, the software can help you save money in several ways, and you can pick and choose which of these tools to implement into your business:

• pin printing – stop unwanted printing by assigning the authorised users with unique numbers.

• see which users are printing the most – helping you scope out those users printing their holiday snaps.

• follow me printing – big queue at the main printer? no problem… enter your code into any other printer and your documents will appear – saving loads of valuable time.  this will also reduce the need for costly desktop printers on the end of every desk.

• permissions – forcing some users to only print in mono and double sided or even prompting them before they choose specific options can drastically reduce waste and cost.

• centralised administration of printing/scanning, and with only 1 follow-me printer to deploy across the network your it department will thank you.

These are just some of the tools that print management software uses to reduce your printing costs.

If you are interested to learn how majestec can reduce your printing costs, then please contact us on 0845 271 8000

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