How has working from home affected your business

How has working from home affected your business – and is it the new normal?

Over the course of 2020, businesses have been forced to find out if remote working is feasible whether they wanted to or not. Some might say it’s been a positive step to find out that their business can run efficiently if not better with employees working from home.

I think it’s fair to say that a high percentage of business owners – if asked this time last year if their workforce could productively work remotely from home, their answer would have been no.  but here now in December 2020 we can say that working from home has been successful for the majority of business that implemented it.

So, the question looking forward into 2021 – with a covid 19 vaccine hopefully on the horizon and a more stable year for the economy ahead – is, will this be the new normal?  will businesses be more flexible to allowing staff the work from home where possible?  i guess we won’t know until the new year gets going, and the words “lock-down” become a thing of the past.

Were you ready?

Many businesses before lockdown 1.0 back in April already had a good it infrastructure in place to support the new trend of working from home.  cloud based storage solutions have allowed data to be shared wherever users need to access it.  Microsoft teams became almost a staple app across all devices to keep in touch with colleagues.

But some businesses have been caught short – having to rapidly change the dynamic of how they work overnight, make staff attend the work place regardless of the government warnings, or in some cases temporarily close the doors.


It support is another aspect of the new world we live in that has changed.  with more and more users now working from home and now more dependent on the tech that they are using, it’s becoming extremely important to have a centralised it support team in place.  with users and their equipment now scattered across towns, regions or even countries, it has become impractical to ask ‘Steve from accounts’ to support the it because he knows a little bit about computers.

Majestec now have a dedicated team of technicians to help your business adapt to the new normal.  we offer products to get your users ready to work remotely such as laptops and webcams, cloud storage solutions so data can be accessed in the office and remotely on site or at home, telecoms solutions for seamless communication between staff members, cyber security products, and flexible it support contracts so that technical issues can be dealt with swiftly, no matter where they are.

To speak with one of our technical consultants to discuss how we can help your business be ready for the new normal, please call 0845 271 8000 or contact us here.

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