Data Cabling for Business: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Data cabling, for business, is the unseen backbone of your operations, especially as we delve deeper and deeper into the digital world, and yet it’s often treated as an afterthought. Poorly set up or neglected commercial data cabling can result in costly downtimes and employee frustrations.

We’re going to run through what commercial network cabling is, why it’s important, the advantages of getting it right, as well as how to get your data cabling in prime shape for success.

What is data cabling?

Your commercial data cabling (often known as structured cabling or structured network cabling) is the collection of wires and connections that allows your entire IT infrastructure to operate, as well as your telecommunications and even your alarm systems. It ties all of your digital processes together and runs throughout your business’s premises.

There are three main types of commercial network cabling, twisted pair, coaxial cable, and optic fibre cable.

Twisted pair cabling is comprised of individually insulated wires twisted together into a larger strand and then insulated as a whole.

Coaxial cable is made up of a central copper cable, which is then insulated and wrapped in a copper mesh, and a final layer of outer insulation. The central cable transmits the information, while the insulation and copper mesh shield it from damage and interference.

Optic fibre cable is the gold standard in cabling and transmits data using light, which is bounced through the cable providing extremely low rates of signal loss and high bandwidth capabilities. They’re often used for long-distance communications.

Why data cabling is important in business

Data cabling for businesses is becoming increasingly important, as we move ever further into our new digital age. IT and cabling systems, both commercial and domestic, are expected to handle growing amounts of traffic, all while being more reliable and faster than ever.

Commercial data cabling forms the heart of your operations, so having it set up poorly can cost you in downtime and slow speeds but getting it right can offer a multitude of advantages.

  • Improve performance – Better organised, more efficiently structured business cabling will help you drive digital performance across the board, and make your operation run smoother, faster, and more profitably.
  • Reduce future costs – By establishing your data cabling with scalability in mind, you can reduce any future IT infrastructure costs by making any necessary improvements or additions that are much easier to fit.
  • Be more competitive – Work smarter, not harder. With better performing commercial data cabling, it’s possible to effectively outmaneuver the competition. While they’re struggling with network outages and slow loading times, you’ll be steaming ahead.
  • Scale faster – Because you’ll be able to make additions, upgrades and improvements faster, you can grow at a faster rate to meet increasing demands.

Advantages of business data cabling for business

The advantages of efficient, business-grade data cabling for your organisationare numerous. You can work faster, with fewer interruptions, scale quicker than your competitors, and even reduce operating costs, both now and in the future.

  • Cost effective – Reduce current and future operating costs by working faster and more efficiently, and with a network that’s easier and quicker to upgrade when needed.
  • Reduced downtime – Spend less time staring at loading screens or waiting for your network to come back.
  • Adaptability – Effective data cabling for business operations will allow you to respond quicker to changing circumstances.
  • Easy to manage – By being more efficiently designed, your commercial data cabling will be physically tidier, making it easier to manage and fault-find when necessary.

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We understand that while many businesses understand the importance of proper data cabling, few know how to make sure theirs is up-to-date and effective for the current and future needs of their operation.

At Majestec, we do. We can help establish a baseline for the performance of your business data cabling, before suggesting and implementing changes to help you work more efficiently and be better prepared for growth. We offer friendly, expert services across the UK.

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