5 Ways A Managed Print Solution Can Save Your Business Money

Businesses rely on printing daily, and concerns about how to reduce printing costs are in the back of every business owner’s mind. The right managed print solutions can alleviate the cost concerns for businesses and create a tailored solution to streamline productivity and save money. This blog will outline how managed print solutions can save your business money.

1. Reducing paper waste

Businesses are looking for ways to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. Managed print solutions mean your business won’t be wasting paper as you’ll only be printing exactly what you need, thanks to tracking software that analyses your business’s print usage. Misprints, abandoned printing jobs and unnecessary extra pages will all be forgotten, leading to reduced costs on waste and the need to order more supplies.

2. A managed print solution provides reduced maintenance costs

The hassle and cost of hiring someone to come out to repair your printer when it malfunctions is high. Managed print services cost businesses far less when it comes to maintenance and repairs, thanks to printer maintenance solutions being included in the overall package. Specialists will come to your location and provide expert repair services to get your printers functioning in no time. Partnering with a managed print specialist like Majestec, you’ll also receive the latest printing technology, meaning the equipment you receive and utilise will be super-efficient, user friendly and less prone to malfunctions. It’s a worthy investment to make, resulting in lower costs further down the line.

3. Fewer supplies are required

It can be tricky for some businesses to manage how much printing supplies they require. Often, you’ll overcompensate and order more supplies than you need, or underestimate the amount of paper and ink you get through, meaning you’ll have to make additional expenditures. A managed print service details exactly how many supplies you’ll need and creates a plan that reduces waste and any additional, frequent costs you’ve been paying. Managed print solutions will help businesses to reduce their overall spend.

4. Consolidate the amount of printers required

Do you really need all those printers? Managed print services can help reduce the number of printers a business requires, leading to reduced energy costs. It’s not uncommon for businesses to accumulate a fleet of printers that provide different functions and are branded differently. With premium managed print solutions, specialists will help manage and identify the most suitable number of printers for your business needs, as well as find the ideal placement for each printer, making them accessible to employees and increasing efficiency. Minimising your printer fleet will result in significant savings in maintenance and repairs too, and result in a streamlined workflow.

5. No unexpected fees

Key decision makers in businesses needn’t be concerned with unexpected costs when it comes to managed print solutions and services. Having printers in-house will mean extra fees going towards maintenance and repairs, and any additional printers you wish to add can cost an absolute fortune. Signing up for a managed print service with Majestec will mean all costs are under one, streamlined and comprehensive package. The average life of a printer is typically five years, and after that time, your managed print specialists will hook you up with a printer that not only has the latest features but also costs less to run. Everything’s included with managed print services cost, no hidden motives, no unexpected expenses.

Why wait? Get in touch and see how our managed print service can benefit your business

Now is the time to invest in Majestec’s managed print services, helping you save substantial amounts of money that can be thread into more important areas of your business operations. It’s not just about saving costs either, we can truly optimise your efficiency and productivity, saving you time with printing what you need and helping manage your documents digitally.

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