10 Key Benefits of Structured Cabling Systems

At Majestec, we have put together a detailed blog of the 10 key benefits of structured cabling systems and how they will help your business, so you don’t have to do all the research. If you’re unsure of why structured cabling is important, you should know that structured cabling is organised to support a location’s telecommunications, so, it is important to your organisation.

1. Greater adaptability

Structured data cabling comes with an incredibly high bandwidth, this bandwidth can support any applications that may be brought into the business at a later date. For example, video conferencing can be added to the system without any disruption. You can be rest assured that by investing in a structured cabling system you can know that your system won’t become outdated in the future.

2. Cost-effective

Investing in a fully engineered and correctly installed structured cabling system can be a cost-effective decision for your business long term. Although the initial cost of installing structured cabling can be relatively expensive in comparison to unplanned cabling, having a structured cabling solution will allow for easy adaptations later down the line that could save your business money in the future.

3. Structured cabling systems are easier to manage

Due to their organised nature, structured cabling systems are significantly easier to manage as they are organised. As all the cables are organised in a tidy manner, is it easy to tell which cable is connected to a certain location and each system is designed to the customer’s specific needs. This is a massive benefit when trying to resolve any issues as you can easily determine the problem.

4. Improved Flexibility

Able to adapt to new changes, structured cabling has a high level of flexibility that can allow for any new changes or moves. This level of flexibility provides your organisation with improved experiences and high-quality performance that can translate into business growth. Flexibility can decrease the time taken to install any new network infrastructure changes to the structured cabling system, which in turn allows ease if there is a change of workplace.

5. Reduced Downtime

Structured cabling solutions avoid poorly organised cabling and supply your business with a predictable structured cabling system that is easy to navigate. Disordered cabling can cause confusion and mistakes, which can lead to situations like a telephone line going down or troubleshooting may take more time than anticipated which in turn reduces staff productivity. That is why structured cabling is important to organisations.

6. Structured data cabling supports multiple systems

Working in conjunction with other systems and applications, structured cabling is the ideal fix for a business environment. A structured cabling system can easily house businesses across multiple locations, by the system allowing for the use of VolP software, which can be used to hold meetings remotely. Structured cabling solutions can also support security camera systems, so your organisation can be secure, and you’ll be in a position to monitor activities away from the office.

7. Easier to troubleshoot

Diagnosing and troubleshooting a structured cabling system is significantly easier and faster than with an unstructured cabling system. Structured cabling enables a more simplified process of locating the cause of a problem due to individual components being easily determined. With the system being easy to diagnose and troubleshoot, the structured cabling system can drive business and boost productivity by reducing downtime.

8. Higher bandwidth

In comparison to older cables, a structured cabling system supports a higher bandwidth, which allows for an overall better network performance for your organisation, as well as, faster data transfers, a more reliable connection and quicker loading times. This is due to most new structured cabling utilising fibre optic cables with a high capacity and surplus of bandwidth availability.

9. Less oversight required

Structured cabling solutions can help to minimise the pressures within business management and can even go on to help businesses further understand and provide them with the ability to oversee what would otherwise be a complex and discordant cabling system.

10. A safe and secure system

When it comes to structured data cabling, there are no potential risks. Unlike old cabling systems, structured cabling has no chance of systems being hacked or corrupted, due to only authorised personnel having access to the operations and features of the structured cabling system. If you invest in a structured cabling solution, you can bid farewell to any potential cybersecurity problems within your business.

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