Video conferencing for the new normal

Video conferencing for the new normal

With lockdown 2.0 now over and a new year about to begin – we take a look at how our business attitudes have changed towards video conferencing.

Once thought of as a thing only for huge multinational companies, video conferencing has been a lifeline for many small businesses over the course of 2020, with it even entering out homes via apps like zoom and Microsoft teams.

Statistics show that the younger generation of business owners have always been more open to the idea of hosting meetings over the internet – but covid19 has now forced the hands of many to adopt the technology – and companies are now considering a more hybrid approach to working once restrictions have been lifted.

It’s estimated that more than 75% of business meetings between company representatives and clients or prospective clients could be hosted online.  adapting this approach is not only a money saver when it comes to things like fuel and commuting, but think about all that time saved – time that can be used to get on with the next task.

If your business is considering moving more of their meetings to a digital platform, then reliability is key.  it’s no good having poor quality audio and video during those big meetings, as this would just create unwanted stress and an unwillingness to adopt the new approach.

Support goes hand in hand with reliability.  and as the technology is heavily based on your it infrastructure, its good to know that your it support team have these things covered.  you wouldn’t want to be passed around several support companies trying to resolve an issue when the ‘big boss’ is due to host a meeting any moment.

Majestec it professionals give you the peace of mind that there’s only one place you will need to call to get any issues resolved.

If you think your business would benefit from a professional video conferencing setup, no matter how large or small, why not get in touch with one of our experts who can talk you through a strategy to get your business ready for now and the future.  we also offer support and training for your staff.

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