Hospitality IT Services

At Majestec, we understand the unique IT needs of the hospitality industry. From hotels and restaurants to entertainment venues and cafes, our tailored solutions are designed to keep your business running smoothly. Discover why we are the leading provider of hospitality IT services across the UK.

With over 40 years of experience, Majestec leads the way in hospitality IT support. We recognise how integral technology is for reservations, inventory, payroll, guest services and more. Our solutions are customised for leisure and hospitality to maximise efficiency across your business. Trust our experts to meet your sector's diverse IT requirements.

IT Services for Hospitality

We provide a wide range of IT services tailored for hospitality businesses of all sizes and specialities. From boutique hotels to large resorts, our IT support enhances productivity and streamlines operations.

Hospitality IT Support

Hospitality IT Support

Our managed IT support safeguards your systems to minimise disruptions. With round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance, we keep your network running in optimal condition. Our technicians stay up to date on the latest software to meet the changing needs of the hospitality industry. Enjoy reliable support that lets you focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Hospitality IT Management

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

With Majestec's remote monitoring and management tools, we identify and prevent issues before they become widescale disruptions. Real-time alerts allow for a quick issue resolution to get you back up and running and our automated updates and patch management optimises overall performance. Our proactive approach to RMM enhances reliability across your hospitality IT infrastructure.

Hospitality Cloud Services

IT Cloud Services

Our secure cloud solutions enable anywhere access to your systems and data for businesses with multiple locations. Cloud services offer scalability to adapt to fluctuations in occupancy and demand. They also provide offsite backup so you never lose valuable information. With flexibility, business continuity and reduced overhead, our cloud services are ideal for those working within hospitality.

Benefits of Partnering with Majestec

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Hospitality IT Support, Tailored to Your Business’s Needs

We tailor our IT support to suit your specific hospitality business needs. With extensive experience in the sector, we understand the technology challenges leisure and hospitality companies face. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems for optimised operations. Custom IT support improves efficiency, productivity and most importantly guest satisfaction.

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Complete IT Solutions for Leisure and Hospitality Businesses

From ongoing monitoring to cloud services, we provide end-to-end IT solutions for hospitality companies. Our complete packages ensure you have the technology and support needed to run your business efficiently. With one provider handling all your IT needs, you can devote more focus to hospitality operations.

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40+ Years of Industry Experience

With over four decades of combined expertise, Majestec leads the industry in hospitality IT services. Our experience allows us to anticipate your needs and provide reliable technology that meets the demands of your business. You can trust our know-how technicians to keep your systems running smoothly even during peak seasons.

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Single, Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager gets to know your business and its needs inside out to deliver personalised support at every step of the way. This single point of contact builds familiarity with your systems to swiftly resolve issues and makes recommendations to improve operations. Streamlined communication through one account manager provides seamless hospitality IT support.

Need Help?

Need assistance? Check out our help desk for valuable resources on everything from printers to general IT support. Can't find a solution? Reach out to us through the contact form and we'll be happy to lend our expertise.


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Hospitality IT Services FAQs

Investing in IT support can enhance efficiency and guest satisfaction by optimising your systems. It also provides security, compliance and business continuity. With tailor-made IT support, hospitality businesses can focus on daily operations and level the management of IT infrastructure to us.

Our team evaluates your existing IT infrastructure and business objectives. We then suggest solutions that address your pain points and meet hospitality-specific needs like property management systems.

Contact our team immediately for critical issues requiring a rapid response. We offer emergency IT support for hospitality businesses to get your systems back up quickly. Minimal downtime is crucial for the hospitality industry, and we are here to make that happen.

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